The Dreaded Chicken Loop

Metafit – To work big muscle groups with high intensity intervals and get quick results. This is the reason I am doing it..  and the fact it scares people so I like being the mental one who goes 3 or 4 times a week.

Each week the workout changes and this week Nick has chosen one called the ‘Chicken Loop‘  for us.. what kind of a name is that for a workout?! Loopy chicken more like… (ooh I’ve just discovered how to link things yey!) Names aside,  it’s a killer.  The toughest one yet by far.  It has an extra exercise in each set and also, you get no rest time in the last round of each set either, which was exhausting!
On this particular workout you’ll do a combination of groups of exercises and you’ll do 3 repetitions of each group. Below is an example of a workout : I can’t remember the exact order an exercises but it it goes something like…

  • burpies
  • Hot Hands
  • 2 steps dash forward
  • Running on the Spot

x3 (1st rep 30 secs each with 15 secs rest), (2nd rep 25 secs each with 5 secs rest), (3rd rep 20 secs each with no rest)

  • Skater
  • Comando crawl
  • Push Ups
  • Back Lunge

x3 (1st rep 30 secs each with 15 secs rest), (2nd rep 25 secs each with 5 secs rest), (3rd rep 20 secs each with no rest)

  • Sumo jump
  • Hill climb
  • Side Lunge
  • Crab Crawl

x3 (1st rep 30 secs each with 15 secs rest), (2nd rep 25 secs each with 5 secs rest), (3rd rep 20 secs each with no rest)
Then run through each exercise on e each for 20 secs with 10 seconds rest…….then collapse in a heap and thank Buddy Christ its over!

We had a new face join this week who seemed to enjoy it, so hopefully she’ll be back again.  It’s good when there are a good amount of us but think we’ll need a bigger hall soon!
As hard as it is, I love this class and really look forward to it every day, I feel like I am cheating when I don’t go on a Fri morning. I deffo recommend metafit to anyone who wants to get fit and feel great after a short but max intensity workout. I am feeling and seeing the benifits already.
As I am writing this I’m sitting in my fav pub havin lovely wee refreshing cider and lime but we all need our luxuries else we would all go nuts. One thing to remember… No matter how hard u try if ur going on a new diet and training programme, allow yourself your luxuries but in moderation.. I have discovered your will power will be your biggest hurdle. Strengthen that and your focus will come allong with!
So here’s to next week’s workouts being a bit less crazy, mind you, I still have another day of this feckin lopy chicken shit. Roll on Fri morning! Moahahahaha!
May the force be with you!

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One Response to The Dreaded Chicken Loop

  1. Mary Waters says:

    Keep it up sweetie. You look like you are doing great xxxx

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